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How to Choose The Best Hiking Boots

31 Aug

There is only one method of choosing a best hiking boots and that is to try it out before buying. It is by taking note of where you are going to use the boots and once you have chosen you can then start focusing your hunt for the hiking boot that suit you best.

Here is some guidelines that I think one must look into when picking your boot:

– What kind of loads will you be carrying?
– What are the weather conditions will you be using them in?
– What kind of environment will you be in?
– Are you an avid hiker or an occasional walker?

Check out this video on how to choose the best hiking boots:


Hiking Backpacking Gear Whats in our packs

23 Aug

Hiking Backpacking Gear Whats in our packs

The Camping Trail

4 Aug

This is all about the camping trail videos. You will find pictures and videos on anything about camping. The first step outdoors is the to see and hear it from the ones who has experienced it already. Have a look and learn from different personalities who live and breath camping.

Tips on Camping

2 Aug